Verti Draining :Penetrates the land from 10″ to 16″ deep and also penetrate any sort of pan that may exist.

When the tines are in the ground, the couple heave the soil, breaking up the pan as well as reducing any compaction. The carry accomplished is uniform, exiting the surface immediately playable. The carry is adjustable and also can differ from 0.5″ to just as much as two.5″.

Whenever Verti-Draining is carried away, shallow rooting grasses can be transformed into vegetation with 8″ as well as 10″ origins in because quick as 4 days.

Over Seeding : Throughout the playing time of year sports ground are often with no lawn on those components of the pitch or area in which most of the activity transpires.

Cill Dara Sportsfield Services can overcome the difficulty by using the Blec disc seeder which enables seed to be stitched into the ground white causing minimal disturbance to the existing grasses.

The discs render a slit in the ground at just 5 cm spacings. The seed is placed in the slits as well as in turn, shut in by the action of the rear end roller.

This really is a very successful approach with established gains. By placing seed exactly in which it needs, below managed conditions, great saving in seed as well as time can result.

Sanding : Sports grounds as well as golf courses greatly benefit from sand spreading.

Cill Dara Sportsfield Professional services can sand a sports pitch in 2 hours leaving it immediately playable. In some sort of afternoon a 9 hole golfing course can be sanding leaving it accessible for portray the following day

Some advantages of sanding:

* Sanding encourages drainage as well as core development.

* It offers better conditions for wet weather conditions portray.

* Every one of the the equipment applied by Cill Dara Sportsfield Services are fitted with low ground stress tyres.

* It is ideal for golf fairways and also every one of the typres of Sports Pitches.

* You use lime free Silica sand

Along together with the above we offer several other services:

* Fertiliser Spreading.

* Hollow Coring.

* Drainage.

* Lawn Cutting.

* Hedge Cutting

* Re-Sodding

* Scarifying

* Every one of the upkeep required

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